Earrings, bracelets & rings 

ER70    22€

ER70 22€

BR10     €20

BR10 €20

ER47     BR08

ER47 BR08

ER47 earrings €18€ BR08 stretch bracelet €18

BR06       RN06

BR06 RN06

6 row stretch bracelet €16 4 row stretch ring €10



ER67   €18

ER67 €18

ER30    €18

ER30 €18

Size: 8 cm

ER59     €18

ER59 €18

Bikini: Florence Color: Ferrari red

ER59     €18

ER59 €18



10 row stretch bracelet €20 Bikini: Rihanna, eggplant.

ER28     €22

ER28 €22

Size: 12 cm



ER68      €18

ER68 €18

BR10        BR04

BR10 BR04

ER39      BR22

ER39 BR22



More pictures and prices coming in few days.

BR22   €24

BR22 €24

BR04     BR08

BR04 BR08

ER47    €18

ER47 €18

ER31    €18

ER31 €18

ER57     €20

ER57 €20

ER18,   ER04,   ER08

ER18, ER04, ER08

ER62   €18

ER62 €18

ER21    €20

ER21 €20

Size: 10 cm

ER65    €20

ER65 €20

Size: 11 cm Bikini: Ferrari Florence. special order, extra shatter clear crystal.

ER52   €16

ER52 €16

Size: 7 cm Bikini: Johanna, lipstick

ER53    €20

ER53 €20

ER24     €22

ER24 €22

Size: 12,5 cm Bikini: Florence Color: Emerald velvet with blue zircion AB crystal trim and outline.

ER39     €20

ER39 €20

Size: 12,5 cm Bikini: Special order If interested ask for: Josefin, navy/sapphire colorblock with clear crystal mix.

ER39     €20

ER39 €20

Size: 12,5 cm Bikini: Josefin wine/fuchsia velvet

ER40     €20

ER40 €20

Size: 10,5 cm Bikini: Kine Color/material: wine mist

ER41    €20

ER41 €20

Size: 8.5 cm Bikini: Rihanna Color: maroon velvet

ER20      €18

ER20 €18

Size: 12 cm Bikini: Johanna, heavy cover on black shatter glass. Connectors: PC001, CC002h

ER55    €18

ER55 €18

ER50       €20

ER50 €20

Bikini: Andra, Navy velvet Get yours, custom made for only 385€ until Feb. 6th. See our special offers page.

ER52   €16

ER52 €16

Bikini: Josefin, wine/siam Connectors: PC002, CC002

ER57     €20

ER57 €20

Bikini: Jessica Color: Lipstick red velvet Conn: PC002, CC002

ER58      €18

ER58 €18

Bikini: Helena Color: Emerald velvet Fit: Bra cup

ER59     €18

ER59 €18

Bikini: Kristjana, Maroon velvet

ER64   /   BR64

ER64 / BR64

Bikini: Full cover in gold AB and clear crystals over gold Avatar hologram material. Connectors: PC001h

ER64    €18

ER64 €18

ERL50       Loops      €16

ERL50 Loops €16

Bikini: Marlene Hunter velvet with full cover blue zircion ab crystals. Connectors: PC003, CC004

If you would like to place an order for jewelry only you can submit an order here. 

If you are also placing an order for a bikini you can add it to the bikini order form.

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