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Rihanna is made with 4-5 colors of 5mm crystals,   mix of solid and ab  colors. Random stone setting. Giving it a unique and gorgeous look.

The color is a bit  deeper  than our Jessica as there are less

AB crystals. Available in 4 different  coverings

(spacing between crystals). 

Price depends on the cover of the crystals.


495€   0-3 mm spacing   

450€   5-7 mm spacing

395€   7-10 mm spacing  

350€   10-15 mm spacing

Don't see a color you like? There are endless options to put together a color. Email me and we can find the color you want to go with.

Black velvet with gold / purple & pink twist.

Black velvet with gold / purple & pink twist.

Royal velvet with ice blue twist. One like this available on stock. click on link below for more info.

Black velvet with gold and copper twist.

Maroon velvet

Sky blue hologram

Sky blue hologram

Maroon velvet

Purple velvet

Burgundy velvet

Eggplant velvet

Emerald green with light green / emerald and rose pink twist.


If you are not sure what design you want but are sure of the color.

Please go to our  Chose by color section and find your desired color there.