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One of the most popular color when it comes to a competition bikini is red, however it does not suit all girls.  You need to make sure  to get the red tone that suits your hair color ( on your competition day )  We offer few base colors, such as; coral, lipstick, Ferrari and scarlet. They do however change according to the crystal decoration you choose.

Not sure how to look for  the bikini you want

We refer to the crystal decoration ( or stone setting ) as "DESIGN"
See few of our selection here below.
Each design has a female name and is available in variety of colors.  
You all need different bikinis for the competition and category you are attending.
First you find the design you want and we make it in the size, shape and fit you need.

You can view more of our beauties here below, weather you want to get inspired for colors
or look by their names/design for example Nadira,
Rebecca, Becca, Anita,   Johanna, Florence, 
Natasha ,  Sunniva, Jessica 
or any other design, you can find them here  or simply email us for advise.

 Looking for another color?

Click on the picture and you will be directed to the page for more information