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Black - Black ombre

With our color section we are trying to help you find the bikini you are looking for.
We do not have pictures of all designs in all colors, nor have we made them in every
color available but feel free to check with us to see if we can make the design you want
in the color you love. 

The color is usually the first thing you know about your new bikini. Once the color is
chosen you want to decide how the bikini reacts on stage.  Each design refers to
the way the setting and  color combination of the crystals is.

*  Click once to get the info hovering on picture.
*  Click twice to open the picture and slide album.
* For more info and prices, click on link below picture.


  • Fill in all the categories in the form  below

  • Please make sure to fill in complete address, that is with Town/city,  post code and country.

  • After we have gathered all your information and confirmed the design and fit you wish to order we will reply to you with an invoice.  

  • Order is confirmed once  invoice is paid within 72 hours.

  • We will then follow up through email for your measurements and other information need to make your beautiful baby.

  • NOTE:  BLACK FRIDAY OFFER only applies for orders submitted before midnight November 26th. and full payment made before midnight December 2nd.


  • We accept WISE ( were you can pay with all types of cards  credit & debit.

  • Pay Pal (+5% fee)   

  • Bank transfer.

  • All transfer information will be in our corresponding email.

  • Make sure to tell us how you wish to pay so you will be invoiced the correct amount.

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