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We stock both IFBB & NPC bikinis

Great prices on NEW BIKINIS
If you have a code for extra discount from one of your IG friends,
make sure to list it when ordering. 


How do I know my size

These are competition bikinis, so keep in mind that you need to order smaller size than your normal size. 

If you competed before and have your old competition measurements, I can work with that.

send me your information via email .

You buy a bikini in the size that will fit you once competing so it is very important for me to know your current

size/weight/height and how many kg. you plan to loose to be able to see what size you will be when you compete.


  • This is what I need from you:

  • Bra size: Natural or implants ( if implants how big in cc)

  • Ribs: Bottom of bra line, not over the widest part of the back as you will have the strap a bit below the bra bottom line,

        if it is to wide it will not give you proper push up.

  • Waist at smallest point.

  • High hip: around the hip bone line

  • Low hip: About 4 -5 cm. below the hip bone line, normally the top line of the underwear.

  • Butt: around the widest part of the butt. stand with legs together :)

  • Weight: How much now and how much you plan to loose

  • Height


pictures, front, back and side ( flexed and relaxed ) or stage pictures.

Wear a bikini or underwear ( do not wear a sports bra )

Tell me what your bra size is and if it is molded ( no push up) or push up

I am looking at your stock bikinis and am not sure the one I like fits me, what can I do.

  • If the bottom cover does not fit for your competition rules, feel free to ask, in some cases we can make a new back in the fit that you need for additional fee, 

  • Most of the suits look like  bikini fitness ( not cross band) if you see a suit you like but would need for figure,  just check with us if it can be altered for figure.

  • All triangle tops are shaped and made for maximum support and  have a bag for padding.  Padding, whatever size you need is included in the price.   Complimentary padding to a fully stuffed top for maximum push up.

  • We make our bottoms in 2 parts so we can adjust the crotch length and leg/waist length. However we can not change the width of the panels.

  • TOP ONLY : in some cases we make only tops and can custom make the bottoms to your needs.

  • There is usually only one of each, so  don't wait to long if you see your dream bikini.

  • Keep in mind that your body changes a lot in the weeks before competition and the bikinis are set for a competition size so we need to be able to figure what your aprox. competition measurements will be.

Can I make any changes to the bikini I want.

We can adjust the waist size and  the length of the pant but we can not alter with width of the panels.

The rib/back width can be adjusted and we can add  extra padding if needed.

Most of our bikinis will work for figure, wellness and bikini fitness as we can change the back to a cross back or vise versa. So if you see a bikini you like feel free to ask if it can be altered for you.

Back cover:  if you see a bikini you want but the bottom cover does not suit your competition, in most cases we can make a new back but for added cost. feel free to ask for more info if you need.

You can also add more decoration  to the bikini (if there is room for it)  if you like for extra fee.

O R D E R    H E R E
Submit your information below and we will reply in 24-48hrs.
for more information to finalize your order.
Order is confirmed once payment is received.

Make sure to add your discount code if you have one

Thank you for your order. We will reply to you within 24-48 hours where we require more information from you.

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