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The base of this  beauty is apearance of one color with a waterfall effect in gold.   

The bikinis are based on a basic design and can be modified to your request if you wish to add some twist to our basic

Price from: 565€

Cobalt blue +20€

Available colors:

Any color of your choice.



Made with 6 colors of 3-5mm crystals,  AB and solid color. 

Same setting as in our Jessica but more mix of solid colors, giving this

super deep and rich color. Overall a stunning bikini with random

crystal setting . Available in 3 different crystal coverings (space btw. crystals).

Price depends on the cover of the crystals.

535€   0-3mm spacing 

495€   5-7mm spacing

450€   7-10 mm spacing 

Available colors:

Any color of your choice.

If you do not see it - please ask us.

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