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Competition suits

Not all of you are familiar with our bikinis and for some this can be a jungle.

Below you find questions & answers to the most commong questions. (FAQ)


Design / name

We categorize  our designs (crystal setting / decoration) with names.


Fit / shape / category

All our designs can be made for all categories (bikini fitness, wellness, figure, physique & body fitness)

You just need to make sure to tell us what category you are doing.

Keep in mind that  not all federations require same shape and size of bikinis.

Please inform us of your federation.

How do I choose

First you find your  Design / color /  category, / federation coverage request

If you see a design you like but don't find it in the color you want, we have not have picturews of  all our designs in every color, but that does not mean we can not do it.  Just ask and we will see if we can do it.

You can brows through our designs here.

If you have one color in mind but can't find the design, again, just ask us and we will do it for you.

You can find ideas for your favorite color here.

I can't find a bikini I like

Simply send us a picture and we will make it happen, 

If you like to order but do not know your size yet

I am still far out from competing, I do not know my size.

That is ok.

The bikini is not always started as soon as your order is confirmed but your spot In the production is secured.  We need to order our raw material in good time as we also need to wait for our material to be produced and be here in time for Production. But in order to get all orders out I start with the top as soon as I can and then adjust The padding and fit as you get closer to your competition. Then around 5-6 weeks out When your body gets smaller I will make the bottom  to your target competition size and shape.  If I waited to start all orders until all my clients are 3-4 kg. Out there would not be enough time to complete all the orders.





DO YOU HAVE BODY FITNESS BIKINIS Yes we do. Most all the designs can be made for body fitness, wellness, bikini fitness and figure. If you see your dream suit in bikini or even npc just send me a screenshot of it and your can be made in the same design.

I NEED A BIKINI VERY SOON, WHAT CAN I DO. Sometimes, depending on current workload you can get a custom order but there might be a slight rush fee depending on the time we have. You can also chekc out the in stock pages to see if you find anything there. They are all on sale as you do not have a chance to make any changes to the design. In case the bottom back cover does not suit your competition standards we can make a new back ( given we have the material / color for it)

DO YOU HAVE NPC BIKINS Yes of course we do. We do not have pictures of all designs and colors but you can get them all in npc as well. For bikini, wellness, figure and body fitness.

I AM NEW TO THIS How do I know what bikini and size I will need. click below for a bit more information.

Posing suits

Posing suits

DO YOU SELL POSING BIKINIS? Yes we make posing suits to order as well as swimsuits.

DO YOU SELL JEWELRY Yes we do, and lots of it. Please see the jewelry page here.

O R D E R    H E R E
Submit your information below and we will reply in 24-48hrs.
for more information to finalize your order.
Order is confirmed once payment is received.

Make sure to add your discount code if you have one

Thank you for your order. We will reply to you within 24-48 hours where we require more information from you.

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