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3 tone ombre with darkest shade at the bottom and fading up in a lighter shade. Ending in a large part of same tone  AB crystals. 

0-3 mm  cover: 495€           


2 tone ombre,  matching color crystal to the velvet with AB crystals as a teardrop design on top. Pretty much like our HULD but without the darker shading at the bottom.

0-3 mm spacing: 485€      5 mm spacing: 440€      

Black with midnight ab mix.

Emerald with sapphire ab waterfall.

Black with gunmetal mix.

Wine with rose gold ab mix.

Lipstick red with pink ab mix.

5mm spacing. Lipstick red with pink ab mix.

Not sure how to look for  the bikini you want

We refer to the crystal decoration ( or stone setting ) as "DESIGN"
See few of our selection here below.
Each design has a female name and is available in variety of colors.  
You all need different bikinis for the competition and category you are attending.
First you find the design you want and we make it in the size, shape and fit you need.

You can view more of our beauties here below, weather you want to get inspired for Colors
or look by their names/design for example  Johanna, Florence,  Natasha ,  Sunniva, Jessica 
or any other design, you can find them here  or simply email us for advise.

Check out some of our other designs

Click on the picture and you will be directed to the page for more information

Posing suits & swimwear

Price per set  from  110€

 Our sexy little NATALIA  bikinis are perfect for those sunny days or simply as a practicing suit leading up to your competition. 

We also offer it as a posing suit with a pro or micro pro back.  Posing  suit is a great idea for those who like to practice their posing early on and as we all know your competition suit is made to fit you in your competition size, that can even be 10-14 kg.  out from your current shape or  if you just want to add a little bling to your daily routine :)  They can be a great buy for newcomers  as well as a pro competitor to protect your stage suit  

Click here for more  photos and information.