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If you are new to this sport and don't have a clue about  "design" "fit" "size" and what  type of bikini  you should buy or what your federation requires. You should  take a look at this page before you order.

Keep in mind that this is a guide, there is no rule that says what you MUST use.  Most important is that you are comfortable in your bikini and that the fit compliments your figure.  Feel free to email us (or dm on instagram) pictures of your shape, in a bikini or underwear (not a sports bra) for us to see your figure and help you decide what shape will compliment your body.

Russian style

Russian style

This is the typical IFBB bikini, used for bikini fitness, Wellness. Top: Russian underwire bra cup, no connectors. Bottom: Russian high waist, no connectors. front cover: low cut front panel. The height of the front panel can vary from low cut, regular and moderate (a bit higher, typical for women that need to hide scars or extra tissue)

Front panel cover: Moderate cut.

Body fitness

Body fitness

Front panel cover: Regular cut.

NPC Bikini fitness

NPC Bikini fitness

The typical NPC bf bikini is a triangle top and a connector bottom. You can choose from several different types of connectors. Liliana is wearing 34(75)d

NPC bikini fitness

NPC bikini fitness

Top size shown here: 34A



cover 1/3 ( brazialian) Here it is pulled up high and shirred at center to show more curve.

NPC bikini    pro bottom

NPC bikini pro bottom

Not all federations allow/require same bottom coverage. Please make sure to tell us what federation you are competing in.



This is the typical IFBB bikini, used for bikini fitness, Wellness. Top: Russian underwire bra cup, no connectors. Bottom: Russian ( no connectors) the size of the back panel depends on what your federation allows. Also available for body and figure fitness, but then with a cross band in the back and different shape of bottom back panel

IFBB bikini fitness

IFBB bikini fitness

Also used for NPC wellness. NPC top with connectors and high cut "russian" bottom

IFBB bikini fitness & NPC Wellness

IFBB bikini fitness & NPC Wellness

Top: triangle top with connectors on neck and between cups. Extra low sharp V front panel on bottom.



pro front bottom lower and more narrow panels than on amateur bottoms.

Figure  & body fitness

Figure & body fitness

Most of the pictures on our website are of bikini fitness bikinis, all of them can be made in figure, wellness and body. Don't be afraid to email with a question :)

Figure  & body fitness

Figure & body fitness

Top: triangle top, no connectors. (russian triangle) You can also request the top with connectors. Center only, Neck only or both. You can also use connectors on the neck and between the cups but this is a more common look for body and figure fitness. This bottom is more narrow at the waist / sides than our usual fit. (special request) If you need any special alteration to our normal fit, you must inform us.

Russian bottom, NPC top

Russian bottom, NPC top

This shape can be used for Bikini fitness, body / figure fitness and nps wellness. The change will be in the coverage on the back panel on the bottom and the band in the back. Bikini and wellness tie straight across the back but figure and body have a cross back.

NPC Figure

NPC Figure

IFBB figure /  body fitness

IFBB figure / body fitness

Bikini tops

All our tops are made with molded cups ( shaped foam), made for maximum support and push up. They all come with a bag for extra padding if needed.

Back closure is optional,  adjustable with loop / hook   or long ties where you tie at center back.

We offer:

  • Npc triangle with connectors on shoulder straps and between cups.

  • Regular triangle, no connectors and center and straps in self material with crystals.

  • Russian style bra cup, underwire and no connectors.

  • Russian style bra cup with connectors.

Bikini bottoms

All bottoms are made with a fully lined front.

Back panel is shirred down the center back.

Bottom is made in 2 panels and put together so you can extend or shorten the crotch length if needed.

Connectors are sewn on by hand for easier alteration if needed.

As the suits are custom made you can chose the front panel size; low cut, regular, moderate

Same with the back panel, please inform us on the competition  you are participating in so we can make sure the bottom will be approved for your competiton.

I am not ready with my competition size/shape when I order this far out.

That is ok.

The bikini is not always started as soon as your order is confirmed but your spot In the production is secured.  We need to order our raw material in good time as we also need to wait for our material to be produced and be here in time for Production. But in order to get all orders out I start with the top as soon as I can and then adjust The padding and fit as you get closer to your competition. Then around 5-6 weeks out When your body gets smaller I will make the bottom  to your target competition size and shape.  If I waited to start all orders until all my clients are 3-4 kg. Out there would not be enough time to complete all the orders.


We ship worldwide with DHL express.  1-5 days delivered to you door.

Price:  35€-50€ depending on where in the world you live.

We are based in Spain and Europe and Scandinavia are usually 1-2 days in transit.

Payment options

  • We accept the following:

  • Bizum, for Spanish clients.

  • Pay Pal  (+5% service fee)

  • Wise (former Transfer wise, accepting debit and credit cards)

  • As we do not have a web shop, you will be invoiced after all your information about design, address and payment method is received.  Once payment is received your order is confirmed.

How do I order ?

  • Fill in all the categories in the order form  below or at the form on the bottom of each page.

  • If you know what design / color and fit please list so. If you do not know what you like or need help then you can still fill in the form and write TO BE DECIDED and I can help you with the decision if you wish.

  • Please make sure to fill in complete address, that is with Town/city,  post code and country.

  • After we have gathered all your information and confirmed the design and fit you wish to order we will reply to you with an invoice.  

  • Order is confirmed once  invoice is paid within 72 hours.

  • We will then follow up through email for your measurements and other information need to make your beautiful baby.

How do I wash my bikini ?

Hand wash your suit in lukewarm water for just a few minutes, DO not use chlorine or strong detergent but mild sope is fine. You can rub the inside of it but be careful with the outside, I find it best to let the water run strongly over the outside surface while rubbing it gently untill the water turns clear and all the tan is off the bikini. the crystals could get a bit loose once wet and the glue will turn white once wet. DO NOT PANIC AND REMOVE THE CRYSTALS" once it dryes it will look the same again. Gently squeese most of the water of it, to not twist it and It is wise to dry it a bit by rolling it inside of a towel and hang to dry.


I am looking at your stock bikinis and am not sure the one I like fits me, what can I do.

  • If the bottom cover does not fit for your competition rules, feel free to ask, in some cases we can make a new back in the fit that you need for additional fee, 

  • Most of the suits look like  bikini fitness ( not cross band) if you see a suit you like but would need for figure,  just check with us if it can be altered for figure.

  • All triangle tops are shaped and made for maximum support and  have a bag for padding.  Padding, whatever size you need is included in the price.   Complimentary padding to a fully stuffed top for maximum push up.

  • We make our bottoms in 2 parts so we can adjust the crotch length and leg/waist length. However we can not change the width of the panels.

  • TOP ONLY : in some cases we make only tops and can custom make the bottoms to your needs.

  • There is usually only one of each, so  don't wait to long if you see your dream bikini.

  • Keep in mind that your body changes a lot in the weeks before competition and the bikinis are set for a competition size so we need to be able to figure what your aprox. competition measurements will be.

Can I make any changes to the bikini I want.

We can adjust the waist size and  the length of the pant but we can not alter with width of the panels.

The rib/back width can be adjusted and we can add  extra padding if needed.

Most of our bikinis will work for figure, wellness and bikini fitness as we can change the back to a cross back or vise versa. So if you see a bikini you like feel free to ask if it can be altered for you.

Back cover:  if you see a bikini you want but the bottom cover does not suit your competition, in most cases we can make a new back but for added cost. feel free to ask for more info if you need.

You can also add more decoration  to the bikini (if there is room for it)  if you like for extra fee.

O R D E R    H E R E
Submit your information below and we will reply in 24-48hrs.
for more information to finalize your order.
Order is confirmed once payment is received.

Make sure to add your discount code if you have one

Thank you for your order. We will reply to you within 24-48 hours where we require more information from you.

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