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At Bikinis by Freydis we strive to provide affordable and excellent quality competition bikinis,  posing bikinis, swimsuits where every detail matters along with stage jewelry.  Every suit is hand-made from our vast selection of fabrics, to each and every crystal placed by hand to give each suit it's own unique look.

Having been custom making bikinis since 1997, yes I know, I am older than dirt :) and focusing mostly on competition suits since 2001 I understand the importance of an impeccably fitted, well designed suit for each unique individual. We are  pleased to be a part of your journey.

Special offer, January 10-15th. 20% off our JOHANNA & FLORENCE designs.

Get a brand new bespoke bikini for as low as 296€
Both designs are available for all categories,  bikini, wellness, body, figure  NPC and IFBB fit.

you can click on the blue names above to see more of each design or brows through 

the pictures below for a sample of the variety.

For those who like  their bikinis simple but non the less gorgeous, these are the perfect

choice.  Order must be submitted before midnight  January 15th.. and paid in full within 24 hours.

Gift certificate
Valid 6 months from date of issue so you still have some time to decide on your beauty. 
The perfect  gift  for the girl who is planning to compete in 2024 or 2025, for a posing bikini, 
or you can simply give yourself a gift.
The card is non refundable but if you decide to cancel competition you can contact us for a
name change on the card.
Available in any amount over 80€

Our sexy little NATALIA  bikinis are perfect for those sunny days or simply as a practicing suit leading up to your competition. 

We also offer it as a posing suit with a pro bottom.  Posing  suit is a great idea for those who like to practice their posing early on and as we all know your competition suit is made to fit you in your competition size, that can even be 10-14 kg.  out from your current shape or  if you just want to add a little bling to your daily routine :)  They can be a great buy for newcomers  as well as a pro competitor to protect your stage suit  

Click here for more  photos and information.

New bikinis on stock - IFBB & NPC 

Price from 150€ - 350€  

IFBB bikinis  &   NPC bikinis  check out our stock, you might just find your beauty there.