Fit & Design meetings spring 2019


Hotel Birger Jarl ,Tulegatan 8, Vasastan, Stockholm, 10432

Jan 25th.  Open session from  16-19 

Jan 25th.  Open session from  19-22 ( full)


First Hotel G

Nils Ericssonsplatsen 4, Centrum, 41103 Gothenburg

Jan 26th.  Open session from  16-22


Scandic Byporten, Jernbanetorget, Oslo 60154

Jan 27th.  Open session from 15-22

Jan. 28th. Open session from 08-12


Fit session is 25€ and non refundable unless cancelled 48 hrs. before the meeting.

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Please contact me if you like to pay by  bank transfer.

Not all of you have done this before   -   THIS IS HOW IT WORKS 

I set up my samples at the hotel where you can try on and get a feel for our bikinis. Not everyone is comfortable in ordering online or has been to a competition or been backstage to see how magical they look in the lights. This way you get to see and feel for yourself, choose from our selection or create your own.

I usually have limited time in each place so I find it best to split the time in few gaps where you can come within each session offered.  There can be a small group together in each session as you will need time to brows and decide.  I will then give you a guidance of what suits you best and together we can find the perfect fit and beauty for you. I will show you how to measure for future updates needed in the process of making your new beautiful bikini.

Note: if you can not make it to a fit meeting, do not fear,  about 80% of our clients make their orders online where we work from pictures and measurements and it fits perfect.

Fit session is 25€ and non refundable unless cancelled 48 hrs. before the meeting.

Schedule your meeting below.

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 Thank you, look forward seeing you. Don't forget to pay and confirm your appintment

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