Quick ship (stock)  bikinis

Our discount page where you can find NEW & USED (1-2x, in excellent condition)  Russian fit and Npc fit (connectors) Prices from €150 - €395

  • Each album is marked with our actual bra size  ( also listed what other sizes the bra can fit )

  • If you are not sure of your size or how to order, how to pay or how we send it,  see more  below.

  • If the bottom cover does not suit   your needs,  In SOME cases we can make a new back in the fit that you need for additinal fee, 

  • Most of the suits are made for bikini fitness ( not cross band) if you see a suit you like but would need for figure,  feel free to ask us if it can be altered for figure.

  • All triangle tops are shaped and made for maximum support and  have a bag for padding.  we provide the padding you need, anywhere from complimentary padding to a fully stuffed top for maximum push up.

  • We make our bottoms in 2 parts so we can adjust the crotch length and leg/waist length. However we can not change the width of the panels.

  • STOCK TOPS: in some cases we make only tops and can custom make the bottoms to your needs.

  • There is usually only one of each, so  don't wait to long if you see your dream bikini.

  • Keep in mind that your body changes a lot in the weeks before competition and the bikinis are set for a competition size so we need to be able to figure what your aprox. competition measurements will be.

  • If the bikini is marked clearance - there is on extra discount ( such as: discount codes or special offers )

US/UK 30A  - EU 70A  - FR 80A -  AU 10A 

smaller back: US/UK 28B - EU 65B - FR75B - AU 8B

Wider back: US/UK 32AA - EU75AA - FR 85AA - AU 12

US/UK 34A - EU 75A - FR 90A- AU 12A 

Smaller back: US/UK 32B - EU 70B - FR 85B - AU 10B

Wider back: US/UK 36AA- EU 80AA- FR 95AA - AU 14AA

US/UK 34B - EU 75B  -  FR 90B  -  AU 12B 

wider back: US/UK36A - EU80A - FR95A - AU14A

smaller back: US/UK32C - EU70C - FR85C - AU10C

US/UK 34C - EU 75C - FR 90C - AU 12C 

wider back: US/UK36B - EU80B - FR95B - AU14B

smaller back: US/UK32D EU70D - FR85D -AU10D

US/UK 34d- EU 75d- FR 90d- AU 12d 

wider back. US/UK36C -  EU80C - FR85C - AU14C

smaller back. US/UK32DD - EU70DD -FR85DD -AU10DD

US/UK 34dd - EU 75dd - FR 90E - AU 12dd

wider back:  US/UK36d -  EU80d -  FR95d  -  AU14d

smaller back: US/UK32e - EU70e - FR85F - AU 10e

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